Fine Art n’Design

Kimberly created this studio to work from within, for and with the people. Doing so she shares her healing understanding and knowledge beneath the process of the artistic creation, where the creative awakening which originates within each and every one of us. The result, a unique experience which renews itself each and every time one reflects upon the work.


⦿ Painting and Music as a self-healing mean.

⦿ Dynamic painting (one-to-one or small groups) classes or entertainment events (e.g. "Corks and Canvases") as more complete on-demand workshops. More important, no painting level required.

⦿ Organization and/or management of exhibitions also for third-parties.

⦿ Access to our skills and knowledge, under the form of consultancy or partnerships, for developing any project involving Art and People.


Healthy Living Through Art

Classes and workshops designed to assist participants in exploring their health, wellness and rich picture living through weekly art projects. In safe, fun and creative environment participants explore their current spiritual, physical and emotional well being, assesses areas of change and creates artworks that inspire healthy change. Kimberly can come and coach a great weekend for you and your group or team up with a health professional and provide your community with a rich art and wellness series. Three (3), eight (8) and ten (10) day programs available. All Ages Welcome!

Heart Projects

"The Heart of a Community is measured by its ability to come together and create something meaningful and beautiful to pass on to the next generation." Kimberly will assist your group or community in creating a memorable group art project or art piece. From concept to community unveiling Kimberly will guide your group through an experience you will treasure for a lifetime. Projects and events custom designed for your group. The focus can be geared toward the internal process, community building, cultural sharing or spiritual nourishment. Kimberly has high recommendations working with a wide variety of groups, cultures and special populations.

Healing Art Works

Kimberly creates works of art that are joyous, liberating and healing. Many of her clients will tell you that working in session with Kimberly to have her create a special piece for you or your community is a healing experience from beginning to end.

Arts for Vets

(Arts for Veterans Description Coming Soon)

Mental Health Art Tribe

Supportive art classes and mentoring specifically designed for artists dealing with mental health issues. Creative goals are determined by each class member in session with Kim. From there each person works at their own pace in developing their art skills and sharing their work with the community. Guest artists from the community come in and share techniques and friendship with this group. Participants have the opportunity to participate in two group exhibits per year. If an artist wishes to pursue their career further Kim will mentor the "how toos" of preparing works to be sold, entering exhibits and creating a following. Over the years several members of Kim‚" classes have gone on to have their works entered in juried exhibits, sell their work and enjoy awards and recognition. Kim says,"There is a rich part of our artist community that remains unseen due to the challenges one must deal with that accompany mental illness. All these people need are materials and opportunity and the rich treasures of this group are readily and at last seen." All supplies are provided.

Healing Art Collective

Kimberly will co-create healing works of art with several other healing artists she knows. This is a beautiful and rare opportunity to live with a work that is born of one or more artists surrendering to the higher purpose of the love of creating to bring a one of a kind work to you. Very limited pieces done per year.

Joy of Art (workshops and classes)

Let Kimmie as she is affectionately known inspire your creative soul! This is where doubt is checked at the door and liberating fun begins. Several art classes and workshops every year. Private classes and mentoring offered on limited schedule. Check in on going workshops schedule and classes for everyone!

..if you have any questions or you are interested in our activities, please drop us a line and we'll get back to you within 24h.