Kimberly Forness Wilsons

The Heart of Healing

Kimberly Forness Wilson, is an award-winning multi-media healing artist, whose art is shown in several private and public collections over the world (from Saudi Arabia to the Hawaiian Islands). She has works with several corporations including Ronald McDonald House. Among her many recognitions she has received the North Valley Arts Council 2012 “Artist of the Year” Award, the Mayor's Choice Award—Grand Forks (ND), 2014 Dawn Bonner Award from 2014 Dawn Bonner Professional Award Consumer Family Network ND and several Manhattan Arts International Awards. Her art and photography have been featured in Woman’s Day and Luxebeat Magazine.

Kimberly is considered a healing artist. Each piece of art, jewelry and music is designed with healing intention. Doing so she shares her healing understanding and knowledge beneath the process of the artistic creation, where the creative awakening which originates within each and every one of us. The result, a unique experience which renews itself each and every time one reflects upon the work.

Much of the proceeds from her art and music sales go to charitable contributions for other art groups such as Mountainbrooke Art Tribe and Arts for Vets two groups Kimberly designed with the populations they serve.

Important Notice: Several of the Art Works presented in this website have been and are currently been used for lucrative purpose by third parties without the specific consent of their owner (i.e., Kimberly Forness Wilson), violating her copyrights (§ 501) and intellectual property. To overcome the aforementioned violations legal actions have already been successfully taken. If you are interested in using any of Kimberly Forness Wilson’s copyrighted material feel free to contact her team.